8/7/16–Sister Stauffer Well, we reached our 1 month mark on Tuesday. It seems like we have been here for 5 months. Time goes by so very fast. It’s good and it’s bad. We are still in our learning curve here and it is going well for the most part. Monday we had a lot of fun playing dodgeball with 2 of our zones. It turned out to be a sunny, warm day and we loved it! Even though its winter here, we got a little sun-burned on our faces. After playing dodgeball and futbol (of course) we had pizza. I don’t think the Latin’s liked the dodgeball as much as the Americans, but they were good sports about it. Tuesday was Consejo, our second meeting. Oh how i love our leaders! They are awesome! Especialmente las Hermanas. Dad talked about having gran caridad, not just caridad. See Alma 32:37. It reminds me of the good, better, best talk by Elder Oaks. Anyway, he killed it! It was awesome. He is really a great Mission President. I had to talk about cuartos—not fun! I had to give them the cleanliness is next to godliness speech and go over lots of temporal things. But, later, I was able to talk about how we as missionaries represent the Savior Jesus Christ in our appearance, palabras y acciones. We then had 2 of or amazing Hermanas talk about being on the same team-equipo! They slayed it! By the way, they are both from Chile! Chi, chi, chi, le, le, le! I made a yummy taco salad for lunch and they seemed to enjoy it. Wednesday, we had new student orientation at Roosevelt. Dad was able to clear his schedule and come so we all went. It was one long day. But, its a 23-acre campus that is beautiful and very secure! Thursday, was the first day of school for Addie, Garrett and Wyatt. It went well for 2 out of 3 . Addie had a terrible experience. It’s really hard and not knowing the language is so very difficult. She honestly wanted to go back to CT after the first day. I don’t say that i blame her, its tough to to to a new school especially your Senior year, but i certainly don’t want her to go. I’m praying that things get better for her! Wyatt was so funny, he said, “This is supposed to be an English school but everyone still speaks Spanish–duh!” But, he likes his teacher, Mr. Riley and i am hoping he will be fine. He was frustrated at first because none of the boys would pass the ball to him during recess as they played futbol and he did not know how to comunincate with them in Spanish. Garrett had a pretty decent day. He has 2 LDS boys in his grade and they all seem to be getting a long well so far. They put him in an advanced Spanish class and he cant understand anything, we will see how that goes. Dad had interviews and i went to visit more Cuartos in the morning and rushed back to be home when the kids got back from school. It was a good thing i did, because Addie was a complete mess! Friday was the first day the kids took the school bus, it comes at 6:28 a.m. We are all learning to wake up earlier each day, not an easy task! But, luckily it was a much better day for all of them, especially Addison. Fingers crossed that each new day will get better and better. The saving grace for Addie is that she has Danielle and Caroline and is not alone in this. She really likes them and i think they will be enougth to keep her here in Peru. Espero que si…..Dad, McKinley and I popped in on our first Zone meeting. It was great. I felt the leaders did a pretty good job of relaying the information we taught and gave them in Consejo. Our missionaries are amazing! I am really getting to know them better and better. We have had an instant love for them from the very beginning! Saturday, which is our family p-day, Addie took off to do a service project with the youth at an orphanage and it was a good experience for her. The rest of us left early to watch Garrett and Wyatt play baseball. Yes, baseball, not quite what you get in the U.S.A, but hey we gave it a shot. Garrett got to pitch and hit and Wyatt played third base and hit. All in all they did ok, but its not near the level of baseball they are used too. The boys were very nice and accepting of them and even cheered them on. They want the boys each Saturday, but with the distance and traffic its going to be really hard to do. Have i mentioned enough about the traffic? Take NYC x 10 and that’s what you get here in Peru. Also add in that people don’t follow the traffic signs or rules. They have these rotundas where anything goes, and we call them the “circle of Death”. Not at all joking here people. Its Mario Kart on speed! Since today is Sunday, we all went to Sacrament meeting together but Dad had to leave for interviews and meetings right after. But, its been a good day and a good way to wrap up the week. Until next week……cuidase!


8/1/2016-Sister Stauffer

Well, as of tomorrow we will officially completed our first month!  So wild, I can’t believe it!  Time really does fly fast on the mission. Lunes—We had to go to Immigration to get out citizen cards and it only took cinco horas!  Que horrible! Pero you tengo un buen misionera experience. So, I was sitting…