7/11/2016-Sister Stauffer

 Wow! 1 week into our mission, and we love it. It is the greatest thing we have done and the hardest thing we have done at the same time.  Que triste, we sent 18 missionaries home last night.  And we are learning that everything is fast and furious on the mission, not a lot of down time.  We’ve got new missionaries and MLC training this week.  It’s all good, a little sleep deprived, but good.  Didn’t get home from the airport until almost 2 a.m.  Let me remind you that Wyatt is here and our tag along at all times (much to his dismay). Por que mañana tienes 10 nueva misioneros! Es muy excellente!

And, you should see President Stauffer in action, he is amazing!  I think all the missionaries love him already.  Many that were leaving said they wished they could stay with him.  Guess what, I went tracting with two of our Sisters for the first time yesterday and it was amazing!  I loved every minute of it!  These sisters are awesome! I loved everything they did.  They have been trained well. One is from Mexico and the other from Arizona. We had this great experience where we just helped this couple take their groceries in the house and because we did that, we spoke with them about eternal families for one hour.  It was so great!

We finished our first week with 59 baptisms!  Woo hoo!  President Archibald has trained them well!  We have such a good foundation here to build upon. Mañana es nuestro combios. At 6:15 a.m. ir a CCM to get our new missionaries. Excellente!  Mi espanol es still muy pequena.  Por que you entiendo mucho! Today I am starting to work with a tutor. Wish me luck!

We have finally met all our missionaries, and it was wonderful.  Dad showed a video presentation that Stockton McMullin helped us film and then I spoke,  I mainly talked about why I wanted to be here on the mission, I felt inspired. Then Dad spoke so powerfully on being converted yourself, La Expiacion, and how they are angels on earth.  We have a new logo for our mission—Seguimos a Cristo, 2 Nefi 25:26.  I think the missionaries seem to like it.  We will still talk about it this Thursday in MLC.

Oh, our missionaries do something really cool.  For one hour each day that do what’s called Mini Zion.  They just talk and meet new people serve them in any way they can and don’t speak about the gospel for the entire time.  Then a few days later, they go back and visit those they have served and try and share the gospel.

I’m already in love with the people and missionaries of the Lima West Mission!


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