7/25/2016-Sister Stauffer

Well, crazy that another week has flown by. It has been good and bad.  

Monday—Preparation Day for our missionaries was a good day.  We were able to exercise, I met with my Spanish tutor, and we met with the Assitentes to plan our first Capacitacion con nuevos misioneros.  Dad wrote his letter to the missionaries, inspiring them to do a self evaluation and do an evaluation with their companion and then Dad began reading his 183 letters.  He is so loving this!  He is really impacting his missionaries! They feel his love and are really responding to what he feels inspired to teach.  One of the Elders said to me, “I really feel that you and President were sent her because we needed to feel of your love and the love of a family.” That warmed my heart!

Tuesday—We spent the entire day with our 10 new missionaries.  It was great!  We taught a lot about logistical things that they need to do in the mission, finances, food, etc….  But we also talked about finding people to teach, committing them to baptism and being bold.  Dad and I gave them a pep talk.  A few-especially the sisters are a little homesick and shed a few tears.  In fact, we even received a letter from one of the parents, telling us how much her daughter was struggling. To be honest, I had tears right along with her.  This is definitely a huge transition.  Some days I really struggle with the language!  My understanding is great, my speaking is still so slow.  Dad talked a lot about perspective and how they are farther a long and doing better than they think and I talked about finding Joy in the Journey, even though its tough.  I think it helped.  This group feels really special to us, probably because it’s our first.  But, their language and teaching skills from what we have seen so far and amazing!  They are going to be awesome!

Wednesday—first day of Entrevistas!!!  Wow, no one prepares you for this.  So, Dad began in Ventanilla and while he was interviewing, I was inspecting cuartos—rooms.  Boy oh boy, that was an eye-opener.  This area is up in the hills and very poor. Dirt roads and you are lucky if you have a concrete floor.  It was definitely humbling!  I was not too pleased with some of the rooms and hope to change or improve them soon. We re-grouped for lunch and then went out and about again. Then at about 5-6 pm Dad went out tracting with his first set of Elders and I went out for the second time with two sweet sisters, Hermana B and Hermana L.  and oh how i love it! These Hermanas are amazing!  We were able to find 4 new families to teach and taught 2 first discussions.  I was able to pipe in with prayers and a little testimony.  I wish i could contribute more!  I now it will come in time though.  They have a family of 4 and a family of 3 with fechas, so very exciting!  They said i was their good luck charm because they usually don’t get that many street contacts.  It made me happy!  I also got to ride in my first moto-taxi, it was way cool!  We then had to take one of our Hermanas to the hospital for gallbladder surgery.  Not so fun! We were just going to drop her off, but I felt impressed to stay the night with her and her companera in the hospital, despite no change of clothes.  It is amazing how quickly I feel a need to love and protect and help our missionaries—to be their surrogate mom.  Oh, I started sending out a thought for the week to all the missionaries, I hope they like it. This first one was about Prayer.

Thursday—It was a good thing I stayed with Hermana M. because the doctors came earlier than expected to take her to surgery and I really wanted to be with her before she left.  She was really nervous!  Good news is that the surgery went really well, they took care of the 4 gallstones and she is doing so much better! She is sore, and still recuperating but is on the mend.  So, Dad had another round of Entrevistas and I met up with him late afternoon.  We then came home and were stuck in such huge traffic didn’t get home until 10:00 p.m.  That is the most challenging part of our mission, the commute!  It’s insane and really will be difficult to get all we want done.  But, it’s life!

Friday—Day 3 of Entrevistas, we are up and out the door by 7 in order to make it on time, because of traffic. Poor Wyatt is dragged everywhere and is incredibly bored!  We still have not received our shipment from home, so no toys or games or anything.  He just runs around the church building, sometime playing soccer with the Elders.  But the Elders absolutely love him to death! On Tuesday, his small backpack accidentally made its way up to the North part of our mission with some of his favorite things, his Kindle, baseball pants, etc…. so that has not helped the situation. Anyway, today we finished up Ventanilla and Puente Piedre zones.  I am happy to report that these missionaries rooms were in better condition.  There are still needs and improvements that need to be made, but I was feeling a lot better about them. At the end of the interviews, we went out with the missionaries and it was another great experience for both Dad and I.  Our missionaries are killing it!  They are bold and teach well and are not afraid of inviting to baptize!  The Sisters and I, Hermana D and Hermana P found 3 new people to teach and taught 2 lessons. It was really great!  Our mission really focuses on finding and baptizing families and it’s awesome!  We make sure the father is always present—to show respect or he has given permission for his family to be baptized.  There is the problem of people not being married at times.  Its quite frequent here, but we are managing it. Another late night again, but a great experience!

Saturday—our P-Day!! And it was really needed! We finally got to exercise again and go a little bit of temporal matters resolved.  Didn’t finish all we needed too, but we are finding that that is the way it goes on a mission.  Always so much to do.  We also were fielding many calls from CT as the kids were getting packed and ready to come to Peru! Yay, we couldn’t wait to be re-united!

Sunday—Got up at 5:45 to go to the airport to get the kids!  Woo Hoo! a great day for all.  Dad actually drove to the airport—scary!!!! luckily the traffic was light. All is well in Zion now that we are together! Boys were so happy, they started playing baseball right away! 


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