8/1/2016-Sister Stauffer

Well, as of tomorrow we will officially completed our first month!  So wild, I can’t believe it!  Time really does fly fast on the mission.

Lunes—We had to go to Immigration to get out citizen cards and it only took cinco horas!  Que horrible! Pero you tengo un buen misionera experience. So, I was sitting and waiting and this guy next to me turns and says, “Are you a missionary?”.  And he is speaking English! (Yes!) I said, “Yes,” and he said, “Oh what church?”. So I told him and I said, “Seguimos a Christo,” (our mission logo!). Then we chatted and he said, “I’ve made some mistakes and I am ready to change. For all he said, “El fue oro!”. Then I asked if his friend next to him would like to learn. Unfortunately, neither one lives in our mission!  Bummer! But I gave them a pass along card and took their names and numbers and passed them onto the missionaries in the Central Mission.  I really think he is so ready and I hope he joins the church. The rest of the day was spent with the family, President wrote a letter to his missionaries and then began reading their letters.

Martes—Tenemos Capatacion de Nuevo Misioneros y Entrenadores which was great.  We brought the whole family! Poor McKinley is sitting there not understanding anything.  But she has been a good trooper! A lot of what we covered where cosas temporales, plan de area, obediencia, 10 maneras de encontrar, recursos y Capacitation.  I spoke about Caridad y Diligencia. John 21:15-17, PMG chp. 6, Moroni 7:45-48, Mosiah 28:3. Then President and I spoke to just the new missionaries.  There were tears.  Several of the Sisters are really homesick! We tried to give them a really great pep talk.  And, our shipment from America arrived!  All 130 boxes, which is good and bad.  Our house is a sea of boxes, but I am sure glad to see the stuff I sent that can’t be found here.

Miércoles—Tenemos Entrevistas.  I had to go inspect more rooms.  I have to say that they were in much better condition than I expected.  Still some issues we have to work out.  Most missionaries don’t follow the philosophy, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.  But, we will get there hopefully.  La Hermanas cuartos son bien!  Girl power. President spent the entire day interviewing which is always good, but makes for a really long day! After I went to visit the rooms I went out with two of mis Hermanas.  The streets were really quiet because of Fiestas Patrias de Peru!  It is this big independence holiday that lasts for 3 days. So, we didn’t find many people and the few appointments fell through.  But, it was still good to be with the Sisters.  I was supposed to go out with another set of Hermanas but was delayed and didn’t make it back.  Dad had a good experience teaching with the Zone Leaders.

Jueves-Dad had another day of training, the last training with the set of missionaries that arrived 3 months ago.  Dad felt I should spend some time with the kids and visit wedding places.  So, we did a little sight seeing and that was fun.  We also went and checked out some restaurants for the rehearsal dinner and after the wedding.  McKinley really likes the ones by the ocean in Miraflores, so that is probably where we will go.  We have to finalize those plans today! We met up with Dad at the mission office and sat in on the last part of the Capacitation.  This group of missionaries seemed pretty shy.

Viernes—I stayed home to tackle the opening of boxes and to start the process of moving in.  The kids were thrilled to say the least to spend the day unpacking! Dad had another round of Entrevistas.  I have to say, it was a long and grueling day.  But, we made good progress.  We are slowly finding a space for all of our stuff.  Garrett and I ventured out to find a store called Makro (like a Costco) to stock up on missionary supplies, food for the next weeks meetings.  We got really lost in some pretty sketchy areas, but finally made it to our destination.  We came home exhausted and unpacked again.  Dad was home pretty late from interviews.

Sabado—We had an awesome breakfast with all 5 mission presidents and their families at the Boswells.  They are awesome, Susie Boswell has been such a help to me.  I love her!  They are the mission presidents of the East mission, and it contains the area where we live.  Presidente Boswell made cinnamon rolls for us and it was great.  The kids all seem to get a long and it was fun.  Then we ventured out as a family to check our more restaurants, this time here in our area.  We went out to dinner and had yummy Peruvian food.  Then, we went to the water park for a light show.  I think the kids really enjoyed that. It was super busy because of the holiday and we got super lost too.  The address took us first to this really sketchy part of town and this tiny park called parque de Aguas.  It was a little scary!  But, Stauffers always strive and we kept going and made it.  

Domingo—I took the kids to our home ward for their first full Sunday.  Dad and McKinley went out in our mission and visited 2 wards, where Dad spoke in sacrament meeting and then McKinley went tracting with two of our Hermanas.  We made sure one of them spoke English, she had a good time with that. We then had our Assistants over for dinner and to plan our next Consejo.  Sad day for one of our Elders, we found out that his Grandfather passed away. That was hard and sad for Dad to break the news to him.  Hope we don’t have to do that a lot in the next few years.

Today is P-day and we are going to play dodge ball with 2 of our Zones after they have their study time. The family is super excited!  Hope there aren’t any injuries…


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